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first post

Here is the first post..

I have joined LJ for quite a while and been downloading files from the awesome people and communities who have kindly subbed and share the files with us the fans.. 
So.. I have been thinking about sharing some files I have got from youku/tudou (the Chinese youtube), even the quality might not be HD clear however it is still watchable, so that probably the fan girls out there may wanna watch it too =)

All the files credit to the original uploaders :)

Comments are much appreciated :)


Another Sky - Mizobata Junpei

Mizobata Junpei guested in a talk show called 'Another Sky'.

He went to Taiwan to promote his photobook and apparently he is quite well known over there.

Some interesting parts:
- He admitted he wanted people to recognize him so that he doesn't disguise himself when he goes out.
- There was a girl who keep saying that she's Ikuta Toma's fan XD and made Junpei seemed a bit disappointed..

Anyway.. enjoy!

MF Link:

Coming Soon!! music show - aired on June 13, 2011.

Nakai Masahiro (SMAP) is the host of this show.. the guests were AKB48, Becky, Kinki Kids and TM Revolution

senpai and kouhai talk~

MF Link:

credit to original uploader in youku


Yu Channel Boyfriend Series Vol 6

This is a short clip of Yu Channel Boyfriend Series vol 6..

MF Link:

kakkoii.. as always :)

This is from Hanamaru cafe talk show, Aoi Miyazaki was the guest promoting his movie with Sakurai Sho. This is Sakurai Sho's part only.

Guess what was he doing? :D

Sakurai was giving some comments and he said at the shooting location when he was reading newspaper and Miyazaki Aoi was sleeping in the chair next to him, he felt like they were a real married couple XD


MF Link:

credit to original uploader in youku

Oshareism 20101010

The cast members of UNO commercial, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita, and Miura Haruma appeared on variety talk show, Oshareism. This is the second time they were on the show.

Love how the boys are getting along so well.. They talked about the shoot of CM in London, and that they often go drinking together and what happened when they were drunk - apparently Eita once told Oguri Shun "I will definitely protect you". XD
Also, a very funny talk about 'how to read the sealed section in a magazine', Tsumabuki and Miura admitted that they tend to be shy and just peeping at it when no one looking, while Oguri and Eita said they don't care and just tear the seal off immediately XD

There is a special appearance of the new cast member who is Miyazaki Aoi, and she talked about her relationship with the guys and what she calls them (she call Tsumabuki Satoshi "Tsumao-kun" and Oguri Shun "Guri"). Apparently her husband is close to Tsumabuki Satoshi and they hang out together pretty often.

There were also psychological test and hand-reading session which is interesting and funny.

Enjoy the show!

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Ousama no Brunch - BECK

Here is BECK movie cast members promoting their movie in a variety show - Ousama no Brunch..

All the BECK main casts was present, including Mizushima Hiro, Mukai Osamu, Sato Takeru, Kiritani Kenta, Nakamura Aoi and Kutsuna Shiori.

They played this game where they are given some statements and if they agree with the statement  they had to press the button secretly and the number of people who pressed the button will show up on the screen.

Some of the questions were:
- I am happy to be a part of the BECK movie with the cast members (they all agree!)
- I think Kutsuna Shiori likes me the most :D

and because there are plenty of topless scenes in the movie the male members are given this statement XD
- I have the best body (within the casts) when I take off the clothes

The file has chinese subtitle.

MF Link:

credit to original uploader in youku

Nishino Kana in Happy Music 20110625

Nishino Kana was the guest in Becky's music show - Happy Music on June 25, 2011

They had a fun girly chat talking about Kana 'happy-mono' (things that makes her happy) and making hairbands.

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Oshareism 20100829 - Mizushima Hiro

Mizushima Hiro appeared on variety talk show - Oshareism on August 29 2010 - for promoting BECK Movie.

He got comments from the cast members of Beck, including from Mukai Osamu and Kiritani Kenta. They talked about the wig incident during the Beck filming.
And it was quite funny when Hiro said he is afraid of height and when the cast members asked him to go together to FujiQ Highland amusement park he pretended to be cool and refused by saying he was there for work not for fun. It was hard for him during Kamen Rider too because he had to 'henshin' (reform) from high places.

The host teased him about his cool personality and asked him to show them how he reacted when he was watching soccer game.

Then, he also asked about his marriage life. Hiro said he and his wife, Ayaka, often visited restaurants and rank the foods together. Hiro kept praising his wife saying that she is his ideal woman and also praising her cooking skill and said her cooks are even better than the restaurant.

Hiro is such a perfect husband material! :D

credit to: original uploader from youku

MF Link:

pass: osharehiro

Shirota Yuu - another sky

Shirota Yuu in 'Another Sky' talk show..

Yuu with his mom went to Spain in this show,  - reminiscing about his childhood.. and visited his old house, park and the places that bring back the memories of his childhood. Also, he visited the kindergarten he was attended when he was a kid.. :D
He visited his family from his mother's side and had dinner together, you can see his family including his cousins and uncle..  they also made a toast - spanish style that is..

Yuu also professed his love for Spain clothing brand, Zara.. he admitted he was wearing Zara from head to toe. Then.. there was this private video of Yuu's birthday when he was still in Spain.. which is surprised him because apparently it was the first time he seen that..

This is a nice show.. you can see more of his private life and memories from his childhood. A Must watch for Shirota Yuu's fan. It was really cute when he kept saying "I'm sorry if I'm being rude to other guests (in the shows) but this is the real 'another sky'" ^_^

The quality of the video is not great but still watchable.. If I able to find a better version I will upload it here..

Anyway, enjoy :)

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pass: yuusky

credit to: original uploader in youku